The mind your tech podcast

Phubbing, doomscrolling, digital detox, screentime, maildiets, Digital minimalism. If people come up with words for it, it must mean it is important to them. We all have so much trouble to stay off our phones, how is this changing how we develop us as humans? What does it mean to be human? And how do we use tech so that it really strengthens all our human qualities?

Ofcourse this is only one piece of the puzzle. Technology is such a big part in our lives that we should really think about how we want technology in the lives of the future us.

Hi! I’m Marieke van Vliet and in the mind your tech podcast I’m searching for the way we want technology to be part of our lives. What are the most important ingredients when we want to build new technologies. And what are the recipies to keep using the human factor in everyting we do and build?